We sell Pamper Diapers for $20 a case!


• Premature
• Newborns
• 1-6
• 2-3 T Pullups
• 3-4 T Pullups


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5 Helpful tips from actual parents!

Tip #1 Distract your baby “I sometimes give my baby a toy to distract her so I can change her” –Mrs. Patel

Tip # 2 Diaper Cream “I always put on the diaper cream before they ever get a rash” – Reyna Lerma

Tip # 3 Wipe correctly “If you have a baby girl always remember to wipe front to back” –Cecilia Jimenez

Tip # 4 Avoid the mess “As you remove dirty diaper place clean diaper underneath then wipe just in case the baby pees or poops” – Lupita Duran

Tip # 5 “I always make sure when I change them they are level to my waist so I can be fast, I had 5 boys and I always picked up one leg to place diaper underneath and quickly secured diaper in place.” – Karina Munoz

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