·        Routine

o   Finger screening: Hemocue, Lead, Glucose Rapid tests

o   Phlebotomy

o   Urinalysis

o   Drug screen for teenagers and sports physicals

·        As indicated

o   Anemia tests

o   Diabetes screening

o   Hypercholesterolemia screening

o   Chromosomal abnormality screening

·        Down syndrome

·        Muscular dystrophy

·        Sickle cell

·        Fragile X

·        Developmental delays 

o   Vitamin deficiency tests

o   Other blood and urine tests as needed

·        Sports Physical

o   Completion of paperwork

o   Hearing and vision screening

o   Urinalysis and 12 panel drug screen 

·        Daycare Physical

o   Lead test

o   Glucose check

o   Hemoglobin check

o   Urinalysis (optional)

o   Completion of paperwork

·        Dental and Pre-Operation Physical

o   Completion of paperwork provided by operating facility

o   Check of updated immunization status

o   Urinalysis

o   Basic physical examination

o   Hemoglobin Check

o   Glucose Check

  • Completion of paperwork
  • Basic physical exam
  • Hemoglobin and lead check if requested
  • Work with mother’s to find the most beneficial formula for their baby
  • Acute conditions: i.e. Flu, Strep etc.
  • Chronic conditions: i.e. Epilepsy, Asthma, Vitamin D deficiency, Diabetic checks
  • Complex conditions: i.e. Genetic conditions, Chronic Pain etc.
  • Behavioral conditions: i.e. Anxiety, Depression, PTSD etc.
  • And much more. Any concerns you have we will address.

Spirometry (pulmonary function test) – done in clinic

  • Breathing test that measures lung capacity to hold air
  • Usually takes 1 hour to complete before and after- inhalation treatment tests
  • On test day, unless your child has symptoms of shortness of breath, wheezing or continuous cough, do not give his inhaler before the test
  • In between both tests, the provider may ask your child to use his inhaler. If he has one, make sure your child brings his inhaler to the test
  • After testing is completed, the provider will go over the test, a diagnosis and medication regimen will be discussed with you and your child
  • Periodic Asthma checkup and Asthma Action Plan discussion
  • Peak flow rechecks as needed

Allergies may not only cause the typical symptoms such as watery/ itchy eyes and noses, but may also cause headaches, ear pain, and of course respiratory symptoms. One may develop allergies at any time of their life.

Our testing is pain free and we can offer you relief from allergies with SLIT (sublingual) or SCIT (subcutaneous) therapy. Via e-script written in electronic medical platform, you can receive customized therapy, which you’ll either self-administer once a day for SLIT or once a week for SCIT for a period of up to 4 years. Within months, as your body builds up immunity to your allergen, your symptoms will begin to abate.

Medicare, Medicaid, and most Private Health Insurers cover allergy testing. Now you can start to eliminate your allergies while maintaining control of your care!

If you suffer from symptoms of seasonal or chronic allergies, and haven’t had allergy testing, come find out more about it and possible treatment options for you! Call to schedule your appointment at 575-936-4350

  • Basic eye exam

o   Using Snellen eye chart

  • Basic Hearing exam 

o   Audiometry test performed using audioscope to measure the loudness of sound measured in decibels and frequencies.

·        Non invasive office procedure done using histofreezer, or cryomega

o   Freezes warts for removal using liquid cryogen

·        Ear lavage  

o   Non invasive ear wash system

§  Uses water pressure to remove ear wax 

  • Office procedures done at the Doctors discretion depending on wound and location
  • Lancet finger poke to collect small blood sample for testing

·        A small blood sample is taken from a drop using a Lancet finger prick to determine whether a patient is at risk for lead toxicity (or poisoning).  If a patient has symptoms of pica (likes to eat or put in his mouth, objects that are not edible, such as dirt, toys, and the like), has recurrent infections, headaches, and other recurrent illnesses, and the family lives in a house that has chipping paint, the provider may suspect this diagnosis, and a lead test may be ordered.

·        In urgent cases in which an infant or child is having shortness of breath, wheezing or continuous cough, the provider may determine a need to either decrease inflammation in the child’s airways, or open up his airways.  A nebulization treatment uses a nebulizer machine that quickly delivers medication to lungs via either oral or nasal mask in a conscious patient.

  • Pregnancy testing

o   Urine HCG test

o   Blood test

  • Doppler

o   Handheld ultrasound transducer used to detect and measure fetal heartbeat

  • Pap-Smear

o   Screens for cervical cancer

o   Screens for HPV and other STDs

o   Screens for any abnormal cells

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